Single King Room

At Roseau Motel, we care for every class, every family size, and every choice; we do not force you to make inconvenient decisions as a result of our resources. Therefore, our accommodation facilities are in specified classes that satisfy the needs of every guest. Our single king room is second to none with state-of-the-art amenities and atmosphere. It is specially arranged for guests who find peace with single rooms that gives them more than enough comfort than an occupied double room with irrelevant spaces.

Our single king room comes with a comfy king bed in a contemporarily furnished room with quality standards. It comes with all the amenities you desire to make your visit a remarkable one with us. Nothing compares to this choice if you are traveling alone without your family members, loved ones, or co-workers. It is the most preferred room choice for an explorer who does not want to be distracted before going out to experience the wonders of Minnesota.

Our single king room also serves as a haven for guests who have had busy days before checking in to our motel. It provides the needed comfort, solitude, and calm to regain the used energy for the day. You have all the room to yourself to stretch out your legs, raise the curtain, take a cool shower, and land on the cozy king bed.

Fully-furnished with modern-day furniture, free and fast Wi-Fi, excellent TV programs after a healthy dinner; what more can be asked for after a busy day around town? Continue your day on the sleek work desk, take a refreshing shower, and be filled with our standard breakfast; all in the single room you have to yourself. Check in to our single king room today and experience the thrill of quality that makes you feel like a king at Roseau Motel.

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