Double Queen Room

At Roseau Motel, we are well interested in blossoming relationships- either business relationships or personal relationships- and we want to see happy people smiling in and out of our premises; what happens when people eventually come in and are stuck on sharing a single? We do not have an answer to such a question here as we are fully prepared and ready to give everyone the comfort they desire in our fully-furnished double queen room.

Our double queen room is correctly set to accommodate and help our guests have a better relationship with the contemporary amenities and facilities set up in the room for two people. Over the years, this room has been the best choice for a set of two people who have a common goal, either business, recreational, or any other purpose.

Our double queen room is well-spaced, ventilated, and furnished for dual travelers on business or leisure trips. Whether your trip involves your family members, a business partner, or a colleague; our double room remains the top choice for such outing with comfy beds and modern furniture; our double rooms give all the needed convenience for relaxation and sound sleep.

Enjoy our high-speed free Wi-Fi to remain updated with what is going on in the outside world and to be connected with your friends, family, and colleagues. The room has all it takes to help you get rid of boredom- from the gadgets, ventilation, and furniture to the companionship of your partner. Enjoy the thrill while it lasts in the cozy room.

With this provision, all worries about having to be charged for two rooms are a thing of the past as our double queen room comes at a low price and leaves no room for the boredom that comes with being alone. Check-in at our double queen room today and enjoy the experience of fellowship in grand style.

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